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About Zulo.ca

Zulo.ca was founded by a group of internet marketing gurus who have been quietly bringing in millions of dollars in revenue for over a decade in the private sector. In 2015, we decided to open our doors to the public and begin taking on private clients to help them dominate the online environment for their respective markets.

Our success has grown rapidly. Soon after opening our doors, we began strategic partnerships with movers and shakers from Vancouver to Halifax. As a result, due to our boutique nature, we have had to scale back our offerings and refine our partnership process.

Currently, we are looking for businesses across Canada that share the same values as us.

  • Honest, customer orientated businesses.
    We want to work with businesses that truly value their customers the same way we do.
  • Hard working “no non-sense” businesses.
    As you know, the amount of people who think that success comes at the snap of a finger is astonishing. We want to work with people who know the value of hard work, as do we.
  • Movers & Shakers, passionate about their businesses.
    We want to be EXCITED about your business and seeing you grow. We hope you’re enthusiastic about where your company has been but more importantly where it’s going.

We find that by describing our ideal clients, we are in fact, describing ourselves. Much like when you were in grade school and had to do a group project, you wanted to be paired with the smart people. The motivated people. The people who got things done. We know that defines the very essence of who we are as both individuals and as a company and therefore that is who we strive to work with.

If you want your company to succeed and you know you provide an excellent service, get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you.

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