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Brand Exposure

Dominating Google and other search engines gives your brand exposure that would otherwise go to your competitors. People remember which company they see at the top of Google, even if they end up going with another company. Don’t give that brand exposure to your competitors.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be paying some internet marketing agency for results that can’t be measured. Having an internet marketing agency is essential, but it only makes sense if it’s paying for itself in measurable ways. Our services will provide your business with measurable results from the get-go.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

We don’t just take your hard earned money and then point you to a help desk system when you want to contact us. When you contract us to do your internet marketing, you’re hiring a new partner. You get our personal cell phones, emails and instant messaging accounts to keep in touch as often as you’d like, however you’d like.



Unlike other cookie cutter services, before we even do our initial call we will have already done our research on your market. We will know who your competitors are, what techniques they are using and have a full analysis on where they get their internet leads from.


We will formulate a thorough plan that is based on measurable results, return on investment (ROI) and brand exposure. Our proposals are all-encompassing, 360 degree plans that incorporate  industry leading techniques that your average cookie cutter agency aren’t even aware of. Our custom proposal for your business will have you blown away, guaranteed.


Impressive proposals only keep you impressed for so long, after all without the proper execution there are no results to speak of. This is where we really thrive, we have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields respectively who execute our proposals. This is an on going process and we continue to manage every detail of your business’ online marketing.


It’s not enough to just achieve top results if the next week they’re gone. We provide regular on going maintenance to ensure that the results you deserve remain rock solid and steady. We also pride ourselves on keeping you up to date with reports and new trends in your business’ market, that’s in addition to being extremely accessible to you and your team.


Interested in working with us?

Whether you’re looking for one of the services we offer, or all of them, we look forward to providing you with our proven solutions. From search engines, to social networks, to media buying opportunities, regardless of what you’re looking for in the internet marketing space — we’ve got you covered.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization is over kill. While other internet marketing agencies might gun for the number one spot, we’re simply not satisfied with just with the number one spot. We strive to dominate the first page.

Pay Per Click Management

If you’re impressed by some big company using automated proprietary software to run your PPC management, we’re not for you. If you’re looking for personalized attention from experts who have managed large PPC accounts, we’re the company for you. Why pay for “set it and forget it” solutions when you can have experts treat your campaigns as though they are theirs.

Web Design, Development & Optimization

If your website isn’t setup to convert visitors into clients, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get.

Online Reputation Management

Any business owner worth their salt knows that their reputation means the world to their business. When that reputation is jeopardized by competitors, baseless accusations or mistaken identities, it’s paramount to address the situation thoroughly. We don’t offer these services to those who deserve their ill reputation, however those who are truly deserving of a clean up, we are here and we are capable.

Social Media Marketing

Half the world’s population are on social media, so it’s a no brainer that your business should be as well. However, is it enough to just create a Facebook page or a Twitter account? When we handle your social media marketing we get your customers to interact with your brand, the result is branding, customer acquisition and most importantly, extremely high ROI.

The guys over at are truly wizards. I had worked with at least 3 SEO firms and was consistently disappointed with the results. I stopped going based on recommendations and set out to find the best of the best, that's what I found with

Sanjay K. - Business Owner

I've been working with the team at for a while now. These guys know their stuff. There's no other way to put it. They simply do what other firms only wish they could pull off. I highly recommend them.

Derrick H. - Web Developer
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Is your website currently ranked on the first page of If not, you are missing out on customers that are going to your competitors. Get in touch with today to find out how we can get you multiple first page rankings for keywords related to your business.

You’re probably on this page because you searched for Oakville SEO, or Oakville SEO Expert or something like that. We rank #1 for some of the toughest terms in the city of Oakville, ON. Think about it, if we can rank #1 against the best of the best in the city of Oakville, we can definitely help your business do the same. We have worked with dentists, lawyers, moving companies, real estate agents, cleaning companies, plumbers and more. There’s no industry too difficult for us to get results for you.

If you’re not sold on the fact that your business needs exposure in search engines then consider this: search engines give people what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. You may currently be advertising in the newspaper or some magazines, but think about it, that’s what we call interruption marketing. People are consuming information that they want and you’re interrupting them with an ad so that they can enjoy the content. Same goes for television and radio.

With search engines, that’s simply not the case. When you hire an Oakville SEO company, they are getting your website in front of people who are looking for your products or services. You’re not interrupting them with an ad, you’re giving them what they are looking for. The next thing to consider is that Google has a phenomenal reputation among web searchers. Over 90% of people who search on Google say that they trust they will find what they are looking for on the first page of Google. What that roughly translates to is the fact that if you’re not working with an Oakville SEO company, chances are people who are looking for your services or products are not finding you.

Take advantage of Google’s tremendous reputation and allow some of that confidence to shine onto you. If potential clients find you on the first page in Google, then they will automatically believe that you’re trustworthy and that they should do business with you. The truth is, if you’re not taking advantage of this, then your competitors are. No matter what, there are customers searching for your products and services in Oakville so the only question is who is going to deliver them those products or services. You, or your competition?

Get in touch with us today by filling out the application form on the discovery page. We will review your business and your goals with painstaking detail and then arrange a time when we can present to you a plan to dominate your competition. We not only strive for first page rankings, rather we go for complete domination of the first page. Two, three sometimes even four listings for your business on the first page. At it’s core, that’s the difference between us and our competition. We crush your competition because we’re true Oakville SEO experts.

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