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Brand Exposure

Dominating Google and other search engines gives your brand exposure that would otherwise go to your competitors. People remember which company they see at the top of Google, even if they end up going with another company. Don’t give that brand exposure to your competitors.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be paying some internet marketing agency for results that can’t be measured. Having an internet marketing agency is essential, but it only makes sense if it’s paying for itself in measurable ways. Our services will provide your business with measurable results from the get-go.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

We don’t just take your hard earned money and then point you to a help desk system when you want to contact us. When you contract us to do your internet marketing, you’re hiring a new partner. You get our personal cell phones, emails and instant messaging accounts to keep in touch as often as you’d like, however you’d like.



Unlike other cookie cutter services, before we even do our initial call we will have already done our research on your market. We will know who your competitors are, what techniques they are using and have a full analysis on where they get their internet leads from.


We will formulate a thorough plan that is based on measurable results, return on investment (ROI) and brand exposure. Our proposals are all-encompassing, 360 degree plans that incorporate  industry leading techniques that your average cookie cutter agency aren’t even aware of. Our custom proposal for your business will have you blown away, guaranteed.


Impressive proposals only keep you impressed for so long, after all without the proper execution there are no results to speak of. This is where we really thrive, we have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields respectively who execute our proposals. This is an on going process and we continue to manage every detail of your business’ online marketing.


It’s not enough to just achieve top results if the next week they’re gone. We provide regular on going maintenance to ensure that the results you deserve remain rock solid and steady. We also pride ourselves on keeping you up to date with reports and new trends in your business’ market, that’s in addition to being extremely accessible to you and your team.


Interested in working with us?

Whether you’re looking for one of the services we offer, or all of them, we look forward to providing you with our proven solutions. From search engines, to social networks, to media buying opportunities, regardless of what you’re looking for in the internet marketing space — we’ve got you covered.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization is over kill. While other internet marketing agencies might gun for the number one spot, we’re simply not satisfied with just with the number one spot. We strive to dominate the first page.

Pay Per Click Management

If you’re impressed by some big company using automated proprietary software to run your PPC management, we’re not for you. If you’re looking for personalized attention from experts who have managed large PPC accounts, we’re the company for you. Why pay for “set it and forget it” solutions when you can have experts treat your campaigns as though they are theirs.

Web Design, Development & Optimization

If your website isn’t setup to convert visitors into clients, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get.

Online Reputation Management

Any business owner worth their salt knows that their reputation means the world to their business. When that reputation is jeopardized by competitors, baseless accusations or mistaken identities, it’s paramount to address the situation thoroughly. We don’t offer these services to those who deserve their ill reputation, however those who are truly deserving of a clean up, we are here and we are capable.

Social Media Marketing

Half the world’s population are on social media, so it’s a no brainer that your business should be as well. However, is it enough to just create a Facebook page or a Twitter account? When we handle your social media marketing we get your customers to interact with your brand, the result is branding, customer acquisition and most importantly, extremely high ROI.

The guys over at are truly wizards. I had worked with at least 3 SEO firms and was consistently disappointed with the results. I stopped going based on recommendations and set out to find the best of the best, that's what I found with

Sanjay K. - Business Owner

I've been working with the team at for a while now. These guys know their stuff. There's no other way to put it. They simply do what other firms only wish they could pull off. I highly recommend them.

Derrick H. - Web Developer

Are you looking for an SEO expert in Toronto? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. is a boutique SEO company in Toronto and we have been dominating our competition and leaving behind a trail of success where ever we go. We do this by the following:

  • We strive for multiple first page rankings for your main keywords. We want to rank your website #1 but we also want to rank a video, your LinkedIn profile, perhaps a Yelp profile and whatever else we can to fill up the front page of Google with as many of your properties as possible. We don’t settle for status quo.
  • We cast the widest blanket possible by targeting everything from your largest keywords, right down to your smallest keywords. If you want to dominate your competition with crushing results, you can’t leave any crumbs on the table. We make sure we target any keyword that is profitable to drive as many leads to your business as possible.
  • We pro-actively stay on top of the game. Getting to the top of the hill is an accomplishment but becoming king of the hill is our agenda. We don’t kick our feet up and wait for a hungry competitor to sniff at our heels, we continue building and working so that the gap between you and your nearest competition is insurmountable.

And that’s just the beginning. We aren’t just experts at search engine optimization, we’re revenue generating experts. We will help tweak your sales funnel so that it is operating at maximum efficiency, through conversion optimization, offline sales script improvement, lead capturing and more.

We have been helping local businesses dominate their online market for close to 15 years. This kind of SEO experience can only help your business’ online presence. We see countless businesses that sometimes even rank #1 for their keywords, but they struggle mightily in acquiring new clients and customers because their sales funnel is developed for online acquisition. Why take chances working with inexperienced online marketers when you can have an immediate leg up working with’s SEO team?

Look, Toronto SEO is profitable and there’s no doubt as to whether or not this type of marketing can help your business grow. As you probably do yourself, when 80% of consumers are looking for a local business to work with they check online first. So ask yourself, when people are searching for your industry and they don’t see you, who will they see? Your competition is currently getting those phone calls, so not only are you not getting new clients, you’re also losing them to your competition.

So if you’re tired of the same old results and want to achieve competition crushing ROI on your marketing budget, fill out our discovery application by clicking the link below. We look forward to speaking with contact us today. Don’t wait for your competition to contact us, keep in mind, we only work with one business per industry per city. That ensures that we don’t have a conflict of interest, but does limit our availability, so don’t contact us today to find out if we’re available to help your business dominate the first page of Google.

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